Demanding Bloody Standards

Admit it – you too have read the famous words’ 1 to 2 tampons worth’, ‘360-degree free leakage’, ‘breathable,’ looked at the droplet icons on reusable female hygiene products, and wondered what does it means and whether this is the right product for you. With indecipherable catchy marketing lingo, they lured you in, but now it’s that time of the month, and suddenly you are no longer secure and confident. This is no way to live; no one should be forced into five days of vigilant leakage patrol.

After all, you have already made the mindset shift from polluting disposables to environmentally conscious reusables and don’t deserved to be punished.

That is why we stood up and demanded better Bloody Standards.

Why? Because unlike traditional disposable solutions like pads and tampons with clear absorbent standards and easy-to-understand language, reusables have no accepted industry-wide standard, enabling brands to use whatever testing methods that lead to the best claims, which is both shocking and unacceptable.

How is this problem only coming to light now? During the pandemic, the conversation around disposables shifted with new research finding that close to 40% of women in the feminine hygiene market either switched or are considering switching to reusables, i.e., period underwear, cloth pads, menstrual cups, menstrual discus, sea sponges (yes, we can keep going). The benefits of reusables are not only the environmentally friendly appeal, but with reusability, they can save you money over time. So simply put, the right reusable period panties could save the planet and be kinder to your bank account than a life dependent on disposables.

As the manufacturer of the first-ever set of period panties, we wanted to step in and ensure that ALL women (not just the ones who use our products) are protected, secure and leak-free.

So we created a testing protocol that is available for all brands and companies for free because we believe the way ‘tests’ are presently done is inaccurate and don’t consider various factors such as the bodies position e.g. standing or sitting down and body weight. These ‘tests’ are surprisingly precisely what you might have seen on TV for decades :

These test methods don’t simulate a real-life scenario of how periods work or how a female body is built, starting from the fact that the body curvature needs to be taken into account when doing such tests; furthermore, when sitting, pressure may be applied in the absorbent area – a factor that also should be considered when testing for leaks and dryness.

Here’s where FemTech at MAS comes to the rescue! We collaborated with Hohenstein labs – an independent research and testing lab in Germany – to design a global test protocol for reusable absorbent underwear that will help not only brands but also customers to understand better product functionalities and claims within the space. In saying so, we also would like to add that, as thought leaders in this area, this test protocol was designed with – consumers first, always!

Our testing methodology avoids the tradition of blue liquids and flat surfaces. Instead, we created a tool that replicates the body’s curves while also adjusting for body weight and pressure applied to the absorbent area. When designing this method, we focused on a few parameters that required standards. Two of these parameters are maximum absorbent capacity before leakage and “rewet”; the former is the amount of liquid that can be held in the absorbent area before it leaks; the latter is the measure of user comfortability – the dry or wet feeling throughout the product usage.

These are just two of many parameters we shed light on when developing this test protocol. The best bloody part? This protocol is easily accessible, affordable, and FREE to download. It is executable in any setting and requires low-cost tools – no fancy mannequins or special equipment. Check it out yourself via this link –!

Periods should never be taboo; it’s a mark of womanhood and something that should be celebrated! That is why at, Femtech at MAS, we recognize this, and strive to create technology to ease the lives of all women. So remember, having access to good feminine hygiene products is your right – be aware and up to date on all things female hygiene, never be afraid to ask the hard questions, and demand better bloody standards!